Crawford Builders has decades of experience in home remodeling. We specialize in structural additions and whole house projects that convert an existing home into a more modern place of living with all the luxury amenities that are available today.

Remodeling requires more knowledge and expertise than it does to build a new one from scratch. While having its own difficult aspects, new home construction can at least begin with a blank canvas—a vacant piece of land—whereas remodeling takes an already existing structure and requires seamlessly integrating all aspects of the work into the home.

Home renovations  often involves the people occupying the space to be in the midst of the work site. Crawford Builders understand this and does our very best to minimize the challenges remodeling can create. We work closely with our clients to better manage the disruption and make things run as smoothly and pleasantly as possible.

Even though we specialize in big projects such as constructing new houses and renovating existing ones, no home improvement repair job is too small for us. We will gladly take on any task you ask of us, big or small. That is, and has always been, the Crawford Builders way.

The Remodeling / Addition Process

STEP 1 | Consultation

Crawford listens to the ideas and goals of our clients to help create a dream home.

STEP 2 | Design Agreement

Crawford’s design team works to present floorplans, elevations, and 3-D renderings to represent the vision for your new home.

STEP 3 | Design Planning

Our team uses resources like Houzz and Pinterest to communicate design ideas throughout the project to help set budgets, choose finishes, and visualize the end design.

STEP 4 | Estimating

During the estimating process, we delve deep into each aspect of the project from framing to countertops, estimating cost and receiving quotes from preferred vendors to create a realistic cost of construction.

STEP 5 | Construction

In the remodeling process, construction begins with demolition and ends with the final item on the punch list complete. During the entire process and even after, we use our online program, Builder Trend to communicate about selections, change orders, and billing.

STEP 6 | Warranties

As a business of over forty-five years, we service and warranty our work.

We're ready to help!

We are proudly affiliated with the National Association of Homebuilders, the Homebuilders Association of Kentucky, and the Building Industry Association of Central Kentucky.