More than Four Decades of Excellence

Crawford Builders began in 1972, under the name Coe and Crawford Builders. Owner Mac Crawford apprenticed as a plumber and an electrician upon his return from service in Vietnam, and eventually partnered with one of his employers, Lynn W. Coe, to establish Coe and Crawford Builders. In 1978, Coe was bought out, and Crawford Builders, the company known for over 45 years as one the Bluegrass’ most elite custom homebuilders and remodeling specialty companies, was born.

The company’s culture and values reflect those of its founder. Mac was raised on a Kentucky farm. He grew up building barns, and continued building while serving in Vietnam. The lessons he learned through these experiences have guided him and his business to the present day—if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right; hard work is not an option, but a way of life; and people deserve to be treated the way you want to be treated. These guiding principles undergird all of Mac’s interactions as he and Crawford Builders strive to listen and understand the needs of their clients.

Working out of his home for the early part of the 1980s, Mac’s business model expanded beyond simply building custom homes. Crawford Builders began undertaking major remodeling projects, while also offering home maintenance and repair services. This holistic approach allowed Crawford Builders to become experts in all aspects of the building process. Whereas most companies focus on just one specialty, it was Mac’s vision to always be on the cutting edge of construction technology and techniques. This vision was beginning to be realized as Crawford Builders were selected by Owings Corning to build the first super-insulated home in central Kentucky. In 1984, that home was designated by the Lexington Homebuilders Association as its Outstanding Single Family Project. This is only the first in a long list of awards Crawford Builders has earned over the years.

“The lessons we’ve learned through four decades of experiences have guided our business to the present day.”

In the 1990’s, Crawford Builders continued to evolve, as Mac’s son, Chip, joined the company to work alongside Mac and his mom, Terri, who serves as the company’s finance manager and design consultant. Chip brought his knowledge and expertise in the computer industry to increase accuracy and efficiency by creating an inter-office networked computer system. Chip now manages the company’s remodeling business while Mac oversees new construction.

Also beginning in the 1990’s and continuing today, is Crawford Builders’ close affiliations with the Lexington Home Builders Association of Lexington, the Building Industry Association of Central Kentucky (formerly, Home Builders Association of Kentucky), and the National Home Builders Association. That involvement provides Mac, Chip, and the company a means of giving back to their industry and community while also staying fully abreast of the latest trends and best practices in home construction and remodeling.

During its first years of operation, the core values of quality work and superior client relations set the course for success. In those early years, while Crawford Builders built great homes, a strong and respected company was also being built – one in which clients and suppliers alike could have full confidence.

We are proudly affiliated with the National Association of Homebuilders, the Homebuilders Association of Kentucky, and the Building Industry Association of Central Kentucky.